Social Platform for Dogs’ and Cats’ Lovers and Friends

  • Do you enjoy meeting new friends with the same passion and love for pets as you do?
  • Do you struggle to find a dog sitter or walker when you are on a trip, sick, or at work?
  • Do you forget to buy your pet’s food on time?
  • Do you wonder where your cat is when he or she does not come home to eat after a few days?

Well, I have the answer to all of those questions and concerns.

Welcome to SmartPaws, a new mobile social platform for dog’s and cat’s lovers and friends.

This new platform is focused and dedicated only to dogs and cats. It will provide innovative and practical solutions that most pet owners are looking for.

In the Profile page, you will load all your personal information, add your pets’ information:  name, age, breed, gender, etc.  User’s profile will contain if the user is also a Dog-Walker, Dog-Sitter, Pet-groomer, or Trainer.

Once you sign up into the platform, you will receive a smart-Tag (IoT) for each of your pet.

The mobile application will contain the following service categories with the support of digital technologies:

Post Photos and Videos will allow users to upload their pet’s pictures and videos.

With the use of AI, the platform will only allow to upload and publish pictures of pets. It will not allow other types of photos unless accompanied by a dog or cat. The Dog and Cat dataset is a standard computer vision that involves classifying photos as either containing a dog or a cat with the help of deep learning convolutional neural networks.

Find my Pet, Find new Friends will allow you to follow and track your pet, as well as finding new friends around your neighbourhood.

Thanks to IoT and GPS tracking, pet owners are more likely to find a lost pet. At the same time, they will be able to find other pet owners with the same passion for their furry friends.

The tag will be a light and small wearable device that will be able to be installed in any pet size collar.

This device will be able to withstand all weather elements and the pet’s lifestyle.

By using wireless and smart SIM cards, the tag will always be connected. The rechargeable battery life shall be about one month.

The smart SIM technology will connect the tag automatically to the strongest available network, ensuring a good connection, regardless of location.

The platform will also allow you to find a Vet and get health tips for your pet. This category will allow you to set an appointment with the best-ranked Vet in the area. All appointments will be integrated and synchronized with the Vet’s office in real-time.

Adopt a Pet. Will allow users to find new pets in need of adoption. The platform will be integrated with public and private agencies that rescue dogs and cats.

Automatic Food refill will allow the user to subscribe to their favourite food. With the monthly subscription, he or she will receive a free Smart Container that will be connected to the platform and food suppliers using IoT technology. This container will detect that the food is running low and will automatically order new supplies to be delivered at the door the next day.  

There will be two types of containers one for dry food and the other one for cans.

Find Dog Hotel and Pet-friendly tours will support users in planning their next holidays. Users will find a hotel in the area for dog or cats, or they will be able to book a holiday where pets are welcomed. And take advantage of Pet-tourism with other people that enjoy the company of their pets.

Find a walker, sitter, groomer, or Trainer will allow the user to connect with many mobile independent, freelancers that can provide the needed service. This category uses the Airbnb model that enables users to connect with service suppliers.  

Hope you enjoy and have fun with my mobile app when it comes out! And if you still have not completed the feasibility survey, please just scan the QR code below.

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