How my time at Salford Business School prepares me for a career in Digital Transformation.

My journey for becoming a Digital Transformation Specialist.

Hi, my name is Alejandro, and I’m a technology professional with over 30 years of experience. I have worked most of my life with telecom companies, and I have been in mobile companies in both Latin America and Africa. Even with all my experience in technology and mobile industries, I decided to go back to school to study an MSc in Digital Business. The reason was to increase my knowledge in commercial, and digital marketing strategy, and together with my technical experience to become a better collaborative Leader, and a Digital Transformation Specialist.

The curriculum of Digital Business at Salford University includes the following courses:

Project Management and Leadership and Skills: Planning and control

This course reinforced my Project Management knowledge, and it also helped me to investigate and to update my skills in agile project management.

Main takeaways have been:

  • Strong understanding of the importance of Project management in the development and operations in any small or large company.
  • Learned the importance of communicating effectively during the project lifecycle.
  • Strengthen my knowledge of estimating and forecasting resources.

Information Systems and Digital Transformation

This area which is one of the main reasons for selecting this program, provided me with the following tools and knowledge:

  • The needs for organizations going through a Digital Transformation strategy.
  • Critical view of ethics and legal issues for information system implementation during the process of transforming a business.
  • Applicable techniques for business and information systems alignment of current emerging technological trends.

Entrepreneurship and Digital Business 

This course was lots of fun, and I enjoyed working on the final assignment. It allowed me to use my critical thinking skills and to come up with ideas for new Digital Business. After brainstorming many different ideas, and doing some small survey with friends and family, I decided to explore the option of a Social Media application for Dog’s and Cat’s lovers and friends. Check out my blog on this assignment.

Besides this practical exercise, this module helped me:

  • To appreciate the strategic digital business model, that uses innovative and disruptive technologies for new startups and existing organizations.
  • To research new digital technologies that have become key enablers of business strategies to bring competitive advantages.
  • To review how innovative business models can transform businesses.

Search and Social Media Marketing

This is the current module I’m taking at the moment. It is a very practical course and has given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to create a Search and Social Media Marketing Strategy. Besides, this course has provided me with the opportunity to:

  • Discover online marketing strategies the latest trends and practices.
  • Data Analysis of websites based on the search and social media, and digital presence.
  • Understand the processes involved in developing an integrated marketing communication, including the impact of technology and other environmental influences.
  • Analyze the benefits and challenges of using various social media marketing communication tools.

The decision to go back to study a Master has been very gratifying. It has opened my mind to have a clearer and more objective perspective on the impact of technology and digital marketing in organizations.

Salford University online program has been one of my best decision I have recently made. It has allowed me to gain more knowledge and prepare myself for a career in Digital Business.

If you want to reach to me, please connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter, and do not forget to like and subscribe to my blog.

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