The old Motorola Razr is coming back.

As a baby boomer, I’m really excited to hear that the old Motorola Razr is coming back. Call me nostalgic, or call me old-fashioned, I believe that a new folding smartphone is fantastic.

Currently, I’m carrying an iPhone plus. The plus is because it is slightly bigger than the standard iPhone. I find this excellent, especially when I’m trying to type or enter my 20-digit password, not so much when I try to put my iPhone Plus into my back or front pocket. With the new Motorola Razr, it will still provide me with the more extended screen, but it can be folded in half when I store it in my pockets. Finally, a pocket-ready smartphone.

Having worked for an MNO since 1992, I saw the great success of the old Motorola Razr in 2004. Nobody could wait to get one on their hands. But we all completely forgot about them when the new Apple smartphone came into the picture.

The new Motorola Razr is a sleek 6.2-inch screen modern smartphone, that has a second 2.7-inch screen when folded for quick-view. It fits perfectly in your palm or pocket when shut, and flips open to reveal a full-size touch screen. The zero-gap hinge allows closing the phone with both sides perfectly flush protecting the main display. The Razr is a phone with two displays. The touch-enabled Quick-view screen allows to see, respond, play music, take selfies, and receive notifications without opening the phone. Whatever you see in the Quick-view screen, moves to the large flex-view display when you flip open the phone.

It also has two cameras, front and rear cameras provides features like night vision and artificial intelligence. The Rear camera is 16 Megapixels with dual-LED flash. Other characteristics include 128GB storage, water-repellent, 1-day Battery life, and bottom-ported speakers.

I can remember when I bought the first Razr phone for my wife on our 10th wedding anniversary. It was bright pink, and it was thin and sleek, with the flip phone option. She could not wait to have one. Once she got it, she loved it as much as a piece of jewellery, she carried and showcased her phone everywhere and to everyone. I believe that was her last phone that she hated to trade-in for the new smartphone.

The actual price of the new Razr is definitely on the high end, and maybe the phone won’t be for everyone. At this moment, it is still too soon to know if the Millenials will find it attractive and innovative as we did more than 20 years ago. It also has harsh and stiff competition with other foldable flip devices like the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate phones. But for nostalgic baby boomers like my wife and myself, it is something we can’t wait again to hold on the palm of our hands.

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  1. The phone is great. I tried it and had it on my hands last week at Lenovo’s Tech World in Beijing! looking forward to massive sales in January 2020! Congrats Alex, your blog looks great!

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